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media monitoring and analysis

media monitoring and analysis

for brand building

media tracking and analysis

and second-generation monitoring

Better monitoring of print, online media, radio, and television. Monitor newspapers, magazines, radios, TV stations or the entire online world. Reach out to media, react, track, analyze, and build your brand. Mediaboard is here to help you.

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Everything of consequence that is written, recorded or spoken in the media, all in one place. Arranged clearly and updated in real-time.

Insightful reports
and advanced analytics

Read a report within 5 minutes of an article’s release or as a daily digest. Mediaboard prepares data so you can understand everything in its broader context. Comprehensible charts allow you to compare media data with your competition and send reports directly from the app.

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Social media monitoring

Get insight into your brand’s public image online with SocialMediaboard. Track, filter, and analyze articles, posts, comments, tweets, statuses, video blogs, and discussions.

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Journalist database

Learn which journalists specialize in your area or who most often writes about your competition. Use the writer database and create a media list to help you connect with the right journalists.






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Mediaboard is a favourite of agencies, companies, and public administration offices…

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Regular monitoring from Mediaboard has become an integral part of our everyday work. We have relevant news and information from the market at our disposal 24/7. Their team is highly professional with a personal approach and have always been willing to help.

Pavla Hobikova, PR Manager

Our collaboration with Mediaboard has been great. The quality of their service is worthy of the 21st century. They always communicate helpfully and willingly, and their app is very easy to use because it’s highly intuitive.

Pavla Brozkova, PR Manager

We have used Mediaboard for some years now and we are absolutely satisfied with it because it makes our job easier every day. We also appreciate that Mediaboard is regularly updated. We enjoy using new features that helps us make our job faster and more efficient.

Jitka Schmieger, PR Manager

Up-to-date information regarding what is written about our company is essential part of my job. Thanks to complex monitoring, my colleagues and I can always be up-to-speed. Setting-up alerts for monitoring specific news around the clock is also extremely important. Last but not least, I appreciate the possibility of deep analysis and data processing in a clear and intuitive application.

Tomas Kubik, Communication Manager